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Orchard establishment

Knowledge Title: Orchard establishment Other Title: orchard establishment Knowledge Content:  The basic construction of the fruit tree production base. Orchards have professional orchards, fruit farmers and orchards with ornamental main purposes. Professional orchards and franchise a fruit tree and integrated management of a variety of fruit trees, the scale from less than 100 acres to more than a thousand acres, the size of the range, depending on the land, capital, labor and other conditions vary. Fruit trees are mostly perennial deep root crops, after planting should not be easily moved. Therefore, orchard construction, including garden site selection, planning and design, garden construction and fruit tree planting should be carried out with caution.  Site selection Preparations include surveys of local climate, soil, natural disasters, and especially topography. You should avoid building gardens in areas where cold air is easily accumulated in mountainous areas and valley depressions and cause frost, as well as in areas where year-round flooding is caused.……

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History of fruit tree cultivation in China

Knowledge Title: History of fruit tree cultivation in China Other Title: history of fruit tree cultivation in China Knowledge Content:  In primitive society, which is dominated by the harvesting and fishing economy, the fruitofers of some trees have become one of the food sources on which human beings depend. Some Neolithic sites in China have fruit and fruit kernels unearthed. Such as Zhejiang Hemudu site unearthed a large number of acorns and sourdough nucleus, Xi'an half-slope site unearthed chestnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts, Wu Xing Qianshan site unearthed melon seeds, diamonds, sour dough and peach kernels. Shang Dynasty has appeared to cultivate fruit trees, vegetables garden, the Western Zhou to the spring and autumn period garden has been quite common, Qin, Han period has a commodity fruit tree cultivation, but also appeared some fruit trade distribution. Experienced phase-in, leaving a wealth of seed resources and valuable cultivation technology.……

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