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Fruit tree size year

Knowledge Title: Fruit tree size year Other Title: biennial bearing of fruits Knowledge Content:  The annual output of fruit trees in each year is obviously showing the phenomenon of high and low fluctuations. Also known as the next year's results, periodic results, or rest. The big year and the small year refer to the year of higher and lower output, respectively. In fruit tree production, size year is a long-term prevalence and has not been completely resolved a major problem, often on fruit production and orchard economic income has a great impact.  Different types of fruit trees, the size of the year is very different: apples, pears, persimmons, walnuts, citrus, lychee and dragon's eye, such as the size of the year performance is heavier, nuclear fruits, grapes, small berries, etc. are lighter. The performance of different varieties of the same fruit tree also varies.……

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Huashan Pine Size

Knowledge Title: Huashan Pine Size Other Title: Dendroctonus Knowledge Content:  Iidae insects with Coleoptera teeth. Also known as the big coagulant slug. Mainly for the harm Huashan pine, is the pioneer species of Huashan pine, light lower material, heavy caused a large area of Huashan pine death;  Morphofed adult stoics are 4.5 to 6.5 mm long, long oval, dark brown and shiny. The tentacles are wide, nearly flat and round, with flat ends. The forehead is rough, the carving point distribution is uneven, and the synthetic point grooves are often combined with each other. The ratio of the length of the front chest back plate to the maximum width of the back plate is 0.7. The length of the fins is 2.4 times the length of the front chest back plate and 1.7 times the width of the wings.……

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