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Orchard Mechanization

Knowledge Title: Orchard Mechanization Other Title: mechanization of orchard work Knowledge Content:  In the fruit tree cultivation management and fruit production operations, the use of machinery instead of human operation process. Orchard operations mainly include soil farming, seedling cultivation, transplantgrafting, fruit tree fertilization, tree body pruning, irrigation, pest control, middle-till weeding, fruit harvest and so on. The above-mentioned work can not only be done by machinery, which can not only reduce the labor intensity, but also reduce the loss when robbing farmers, create good conditions for the growth and development of fruit trees, and promote high quality and high yield of fruit.  Development Profile In the mid-19th century, France first used sprayers to control grape pests and diseases. In the 1940s, European and American countries used tractors and supporting agricultural tools in the field, after the restructuring for orchard operations.……

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Orchard establishment

Knowledge Title: Orchard establishment Other Title: orchard establishment Knowledge Content:  The basic construction of the fruit tree production base. Orchards have professional orchards, fruit farmers and orchards with ornamental main purposes. Professional orchards and franchise a fruit tree and integrated management of a variety of fruit trees, the scale from less than 100 acres to more than a thousand acres, the size of the range, depending on the land, capital, labor and other conditions vary. Fruit trees are mostly perennial deep root crops, after planting should not be easily moved. Therefore, orchard construction, including garden site selection, planning and design, garden construction and fruit tree planting should be carried out with caution.  Site selection Preparations include surveys of local climate, soil, natural disasters, and especially topography. You should avoid building gardens in areas where cold air is easily accumulated in mountainous areas and valley depressions and cause frost, as well as in areas where year-round flooding is caused.……

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Orchard Management

Knowledge Title: Orchard Management Other Title: orchard management Knowledge Content:  Various technical measures taken to seek higher economic, ecological and social benefits for orchards. It is generally based on changes in tree age, tree potential and environmental conditions. The contents of orchard management can be summarized in soil management, tree management and disaster prevention and control.  Soil management includes deep-turning, improvement, mulch and fertilization, irrigation, etc.  The deep turning and improvement of the soil fruit trees are mostly planted in the hills, after planting generally grown in the same place for many years, the preservation of good physical and chemical characteristics of the garden is more difficult than the general farmland. Thus, with the extension of the root system, the unimproved garden needs to expand year by year deep turn. Method is every year in the planting of holes (grooves) outside, to the fruit tree trunk as the center, digging concentric circular ditches or digging straight ditches between rows, the general depth of the ditch requires 60 to 80 cm, the width depends on labor.……

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