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Mechanization of animal husbandry

Knowledge Title: Mechanization of animal husbandry Other Title: mechanization of animal husbandry Knowledge Content:  The process of animal husbandry is equipped with machinery and mechanical power is replaced by human operation. It is an important part of agricultural mechanization.  Development Process The mechanization of animal husbandry in developed countries can be divided into three stages of development: the first half of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century for part of the mechanization stage, first of all in the animal husbandry production of individual heavy links to achieve mechanical operation, such as grass-cutting machinery in the harvest of grass, feed processing in the crushing machinery, mixed machinery, animal products in the collection of milking, shearing machinery. In the 1950s, the stage of comprehensive mechanization began to enter, not only in the whole process of feed production and processing using complete sets of machinery and equipment, but also in livestock and poultry farms, from feeding to dung removal and animal products collection and processing process, began to use machinery instead of human operation.……

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Dairy farm equipment

Knowledge Title: Dairy farm equipment Other Title: dairy farm equipment Knowledge Content:  The general term for the various special tools and internal facilities used in the dairy farm. Mainly includes tether, feeding, drinking water, dung removal, milking, milk cooling, milk delivery and other equipment and cream separators.  The tethered equipment is used to limit the range of activities of the cow in the cow bed, so that the front foot of the cow can not step into the feeding tank, the back foot can not step into the dung ditch, the cow body can not lie on the cow bed, but also does not prevent the cow's normal standing, lying, drinking water and feeding feed. The tethered equipment has chain type and joint neck frame type and other types, commonly used is the soft chain-crossing neck frame. Two long chains (760 mm) wear on iron bars on the pillars on both sides of the cow bed and move freely up and down, and two short chains (500 mm) form a neck ring and are wrapped around the cow's neck.……

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