Knowledge Title: Birch Tree

Other Title: Zelkova schneideriana

Knowledge Content:

    Ulmaceae is a deciduous tree. There are about 6 species of hermites, distributed in the warm temperate and subtropical regions of Asia, and 4 species in China.

    The tree can be up to 25 meters high and has a chest diameter of 1 meter. The bark of the young trees is green to gray, not cracked, and in old age it is peeled off in small pieces. The small branches are soft-haired. Single-leaf mutual, side vein straight, oval-shaped or narrow ovoid, the following dense is light gray soft hair, side vein straight, flower monosexual, rare, female and male same strain. The nuts are irregularly flat-ball, with a crooked upper and wrinkled peels (see photo). In China, it is distributed in the Huaihe River Basin, south of Qinling, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, south to Guangdong, Guangxi, West Guizhou and southeastern Yunnan. Vertical distribution up to 800 meters above sea level. In the mountains are mostly distributed in the mountains, valleys or slow slope flat. In the alluvial plain area can grow into straight material. In addition to this species, there are also Taiwanese eucalyptus (Z.formosana), Z.serrata, and Z.sinica, all of which are excellent and valuable tree species. The birch tree is a medium-preferd light tree species. Warm climate and fertile moist soil, can grow on slightly acidic, neutral, limeand soil and mild saline soil. Common scattered after the village house, low hilly land conditions are better. Poor growth in arid, barren mountains. Deep root, root system developed, strong resistance to wind. The crown is large and the deciduous is large. Early growth is slow, 6 to 7 years after the growth speed, continues to 70 to 80 years. Flowers from March to April, and fruit ripe n’ agonization from October to November. Because the tree height is large and the seed is small, the planting is difficult, usually need to wait for the seeds to come off naturally after the collection. It is advisable to be sown with mining, or mixed sand storage, and sow the next spring. Each kilogram of seeds 50000 to 70,000 seeds, 1 year when the seedling height of 50 to 80 cm can be planted. For all sides of the greening should be cultivated 3 to 4 years of large seedling planting. The eucalyptus tree is a branch of the joint shaft, the top bud splendor often does not germination, but by the upper side buds sprout3 to 5 competitive branches, forming a huge crown of trees, not easy to produce straight trunk. Therefore, in order to cultivate a straight tall and successful trunk, after planting to repair branches every year to promote the diameter of the trunk growth. After the larvae are closed, they should be cut in time to prevent the plants from being too dense and affecting their growth. There are not many pests and diseases, and large bags of moths are common pests.

Material tough and meticulous texture, glossy, not easy to crack, strong pressure, moisture resistance, anti-decay, wood yellow brown to light red-brown, has the “blood” said. The use is very wide, for ships, bridges, buildings, high-end furniture, vehicles, textile shuttles, rollers, musical instruments and so on. Stem fiber is strong, can be used as fiber raw materials.