Knowledge Title: Blue Dot Horse

Other Title: Scomberomorus niphonius

Knowledge Content:

    The Scombridae horse genus of the Perciformes. Also known as mackerel, horse cross, swallow fish. Marine economic fish. Mainly distributed in the Pacific Northwest offshore waters, such as the Inland Sea of Japan and its adjacent waters, the western and southern coastof North Korea, the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, the Bohai Sea offshore waters.

    Form extension, side flat, thin tail handle, each side has 3 bulge ridges, the central ridge long and high. The head is large, the head grows tall. The teeth are strong, sharp, side-flat, and sparsely arranged. Two dorsal fins, quite close together. The second dorsal fin and the hip fin are each equipped with small fins 8 to 9. Dorsal fins 19 to 20 fins, 15 to 16 fins. The back is blue and black, with several columns of black round spots in the center of the side and silver-grey belly.

Biologically, it is a superfish that swims over long distances. Swim quickly. Sensitive to water temperature. The requirements of water temperature are different in each stage of life, and the distribution of migration, the degree of group dispersion and the length of time spent in various places are closely related to the changes in the hydrological environment. The change in the position of its central fishery is often consistent with the strength of Taiwan's warm current forces and the extension position of its forward sione seinic sione sitori. Warm current force strong year, the central fishing field north, the opposite is south.

    Sexually aggressive, often in groups chasing small fish. During the spring, summer and autumn baiting period, the main feeding of mackerel, followed by herring, the geese, the eagle melon shrimp, the Japanese gun squid and so on.

    The age of sexual maturity is generally 1 to 2 years old. The amount of eggs is 28 to 1.2 million. Spawning in batches. Egg floating, spherical, with oil ball 1. Egg diameter 1.43 to 1.73 mm. The fertilized eggs hatch edify within 54 hours at a water temperature of 20 degrees C. The total length of the first hatched fish is 4.27 to 4.96 mm, and the body length is 4.17 to 4.81 mm. More than 20 days after hatching, the childish fish has been quite ferocious, can swallow the size of its similar to the child fish. Rapid growth, when the length of young fish up to 250 to 300 mm, weight 200 to 400 grams, 1-year-old fish body length of 350 to 470 mm, weight 500 to 600 grams, 2-year-old fish body length of 480 to 560 mm, weight 1000 to 1200 grams. The catch age group became 1 to 7 years old, mainly 2 to 3 years old, and more than 6 years old is less common. The wintering field is roughly in the southwestern part of Jeju Island, the sea off Zhoushan, the sea off Wenzhou and the central waters of the Penghu Islands. Every Year in March, the fish swim out of the winter field in batches for longer-distance reproductive migration. In early and mid-April, the fish were heading north along the sea near 123 degrees 30’ east longitude and swimming north in two northbound regions: one reached the waters near Ocean Island in late April, and one entered the central waters of the Yellow Sea from southeast to northwest, with some of the fish to the west, entering the waters near Haizhou Bay, Qingdao and Shidao in late April. Another part of the fish group to the northeast through the eastern part of Shidao and the south-to-south fish herd rendezvous, bypassing the mountain head into Weihai and Yantai waters, through the Bohai Strait in late April into the waters of Laizhou Bay, Liaodong Bay, Bohai Bay. Spawning from May to early June. In early and mid-June, most of the fish spawning completed, scattered in the nearby waters, autumn with the water temperature drop gradually to the deep water, and according to the original road or the deep waters of the outer sea back to winter, forming a blue dot horse's autumn fishing. Mid-Toe in December arrived at the winter field.

    Production Blue dot horse mackerel is mainly fished with drift-net, fences, trawls, large fences and certain nets can also be caught. Blue dot horse mackerel is also an excellent breed of artificial proliferation. Seedling strains can be released, within 1 year each tail can be cultivated to weight of 1 kg, within 2 years can be bred into mature individuals. The meat is delicious and fresh for fresh food, in addition, fish pine, pickled salted fish and cans cans.